Pizzica or Taranta is a traditional popular dance of Salento region. The cultural and musical heritage of this ritual remained and today Pizzica is a music and a dance that is played during family reunions and village festivals, especially in summertime.This dance, invented by women, had the intent to show their desire to be free from the oppression of a strict and patriarchal culture.Pizzica is traditionally danced in pairs of women and men, women together and sometimes men together (when one of them is playing the role of the woman to have fun). Nowadays Pizzica is a real cultural phenomenon, part of the folklore of Salento, becoming more and more famous among tourists visiting this region also to enjoy the Pizzicafestivals that every night, in summer, animate the villages. During the recent years, many concerts of Pizzica take place all around Salento, the most important festival is the Notte della tarantula in August (the Night of taranta) that assemble thousands of people. You can even learn this fascinating dance thanks to many Pizzica courses.

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